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Network Care Programs

Network Care Lifecycle

These programs provide access to our Technical Assistance Center (TAC) and extended hardware warranty coverage.

Service plan number must be provided when contacting Support to ensure that the proper level of support is received. These programs must be renewed annually and are required to ensure uninterrupted service entitlements.

Types of Network Care:

4 hours for software install/upgrade
Annual Maintenance
Device Discovery Licenses
Linux software and documentation (starter program only)

Extended Warranty
Repair and Return *  
Next Business Day Advanced Replacement 

Technical Support  
Access to product firmware and AOE software patches and updates
Access to product firmware and AOE software feature upgrades
Email Support
Priority TAC - <1 hour on outage/<6 hour on non-outage (90%)  
Priority TAC - <20 minutes on outage/<4 hour on non-outage (90%) 

$2000 in vouchers  
$4000 in vouchers 
Outages: all requests must be initiated by phone and clearly communicated that the issues are outage related.
Response targets are measured 24x7 for phone responses.
Non-outages: response targets are measured for phone initiated service requests. Add 2 hours to response target for emailed or web-initiated service requests. Non-outage requests for service made after normal business hours will be placed in the priority queue for the following business day.
* Customer pays to return item. ADTRAN will pay for return via standard carrier.
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